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@needcoffeebot is one of my earliest bots. It’s a bit over caffeinated…

When social media jobs first became “a thing,” around 2010, there weren’t any concrete descriptions. There weren’t social media agencies, social strategist, social media editors, and there certainly weren’t descriptions for those jobs. As one of the earliest community managers, I was a part of the industry evolution and lucky enough to ride it. I went from a community manager to a social media specialist, to a writer of social media, to senior community manager, social media manager, and lately, social media consultant. Now, with chatbots, it feels like we’re right back at that point. Who will write them? Who…

We’re excited to introduce you to an all new Mav. You know Mav as the first AI-powered texting assistant, but now Mav has a new look, a new website and a lot of new skills.

Meet your new digital assistant

New Website

It’s now easier than ever to see, feel and understand what Mav is, why you need it, and why your leads love texting with Mav. It’s time to upgrade your sales with artificial intelligence. See what’s new and how Mav can help you on

New Look

We’ve upgraded and modernized Mav’s style to a darker, more vibrant look. We’re still the…

Industry experts share their advice on breaking into the industry. This blog post was co-written by Rebecca Evanhoe.

Conversation design is one of the fastest-growing roles for writers and designers in the market right now, but how do you land a job? Whether you’re hoping to find a new role in conversation design or make a complete career pivot, knowing exactly what skills you need and what it takes to break into the industry can feel overwhelming.

We’ve asked seven industry experts to share their advice and tips to become a conversation designer — no matter your skillset. …

Portfolios are always a hot topic in career Q&As and the conversation design community, and for good reason! A portfolio is a great way to highlight your writing and design skills, but with a little creativity, they can speak to so much more than just a prototype. I put together my top considerations and must-have skills for your own portfolio, to ensure that it speaks for you, and that your ideal audience will understand your work and what you’re most passionate about when it comes to conversation design. …

Before you’re ready to have automated conversations with your customers at scale, you should ask yourself — how exactly do you take your idea and turn it into a real chatbot?

Here are the 10 steps you should take to go from idea to working chatbot prototype that’s ready to be built.

One question that comes up a lot when a business or organization wants to create a chatbot is how exactly do you take your idea and turn it into a real chatbot? Before you’re ready to have automated conversations with your customers at scale, there’s a process of strategy, conversation design, and testing that needs to happen. Here are the 10 steps you should take to go from idea to working chatbot prototype that’s ready to be built.

  1. Define the purpose. This is the most important thing to determine for your chatbot. Why are you creating a bot in…

Did you know 80% of sales require FIVE follow-ups after the initial contact, yet 44% of sales reps give up after only one attempt? Automated texting can put your follow ups on autopilot and help you convert more leads days, weeks, even months after they express interest.

We get it…Following up sucks. It’s repetitive, time consuming, and honestly, it can feel like you’re harassing your prospects. Are they even still interested?Maybe you’ve been handed a cold list of leads to start calling, knowing the majority will send you to voicemail or not even remember why they were interested in the…

How to advertise a chatbot

Pairing automation with SMS is one of the best new ways to grow your business. Automation saves you time, and texting is the way your customers want to communicate. It’s simple. SMS bots convert better. In fact, text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email and Facebook (Mobile Xco).

It’s easy to advertise for conversations when you have a clear value, like getting pre-qualified for a mortgage or getting a quote for life insurance, and customers are able to text your business phone number, a vanity 800 number (like 800–655-LOAN) or a short code (313–99). Think of…

I recently launched a brand new ebook — Automating Lead Acquisition for Mortgage Lenders — and wanted to share an exclusive preview with all of you! Here is a look at what you’ll find inside of this 23-page complete guide to automating your lead qualifying and follow-ups, converting more leads and growing your business in new ways. Even if you aren’t a mortgage lender or loan officer, the strategies and value shared in this free book can still help you.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Why your business needs automation
  • How lead acquisition bots work
  • The basics of text-enabling your business
  • Specific, real-world examples for…

Image via Smartmockups

SMS chatbots are the future.

Not the ones you may be familiar with: Coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond and World Market, hair salon appointment confirmations and prescription refills, and let’s not forget Joe Biden’s bot-turned meme website (and the many other political campaign donation texts).

Conversational SMS chatbots are the future.

In this piece, you’ll learn exactly why SMS chatbots are a valuable asset in your marketing strategy, and how to acquire, qualify and follow up with customers over text.

What Are Conversational SMS Chatbots?

An experience that delivers value through a two-way text conversation, just like bots currently do on Facebook or a…

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Using a chatbot to grow your business, whether it’s to acquire customers, help existing customers, or build brand awareness, is becoming increasingly popular and is only going to grow more, with 80% of companies planning to implement some type of chatbot by 2020. The formula is simple: create a bot, advertise it, engage users, and grow your business, but what happens between point A, having an idea for a bot, and point B, converting users, requires strategy.

Now that we’re three years in with Facebook chatbots and even longer with website and SMS bots, users expect them to do more…

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