FREE Ebook Preview: How To Design A Chatbot Script From Scratch

Are you lost trying to figure out how to write the copy for a chatbot? Staring at a blank computer screen right now, or just popped open Google to try and figure out how to lay out a script? Want to become a conversation designer, but overwhelmed by the lack of tools and resources available? I’ve just released an ebook detailing my EXACT process for designing chatbots from scratch, including what tools I use, what flows I start with, and my best practices — I’ll even give you free access to the template I built and use to write all of my scripts. I’ve battle tested this conversation design process for big brands, and am revealing it all for you. Follow this link to get all of my secrets so you can start your career as a conversation designer.

Below is an outline and excerpt of what you can expect to learn:

STEP 1: OUTLINE. How I go from a blank page to an outline, why it’s important and what tool I use.

STEP 2: TEMPLATE. A link to my exact script template for designing a conversation with screenshots of how to use it.

STEP 3: HELLO. Best practices for the Hello flow.

STEP 4: MAIN FLOW. How to expand your script and get your user to convert on your goal.

Step 5: CATCH ALL (full preview below)

One of the things that resonated the most with readers in my “What Is Conversation Design” blog post was the Catch All. A little reminder:

Having a creative solution for saying “oops, we fucked up, let’s try again” is one of the most powerful things a conversation designer can do.

Knowing that users will push the boundaries of your bot, or that technology isn’t perfect, planning for a bot to fail is your strength. This is where you can have fun and flex your creativity, and hopefully, get a user back on track without frustrating them. Having a catch all that says something other than “sorry, I didn’t get that” over and over is the most important part of your bot, in my opinion.

After the Hello and Main Flow, I always write my Catch All. If you are using Mav’s open source framework Stealth to build your bot, we have the capabilities for multi level Catch Alls built in, so it’s super easy to add as many different levels of responses as you want. I recommend at least 3. Typically I start with 1 where I repeat the question or message, and a second where I offer a set of Quick Replies for the user to select and get back on track easily. If they fail a third time, you can direct them to a place for help (phone number or website), or build the functionality to connect them to a Human via Facebook Messenger.

Here’s a look at what I came up with for my workout bot.

A look at that free template I mentioned

STEP 6: PROTOTYPE. How I edit and make the chatbot look real before it’s ready for production. Including what free tool I use.

STEP 7: REPEAT. What you need to know to complete your script.

WHAT’S NEXT? You’ve written the script, now what do you do? You’ll find out in this chapter.

All of this knowledge can be yours for just $5! Just follow this link to my ebook: How to Design A Chatbot Script From Scratch. Love the book? Share it with a friend!

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