We Used a Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter and Here’s What Happened

Snapchat opened up Geofilters to the world in February, allowing anyone to create a custom filter for events, announcements, and pretty much anything you want. Filters can run anywhere from one hour to thirty days, and when it’s over, you get simple metrics telling you how many people used it, and how many views those uses generated.

We saw that Justin Bieber was doing a pop up right next to our office, meaning the target Snapchat demographic would be lining up by the thousands outside of our door. 60% of those users contribute daily, which made this a great test.

The process itself was insanely easy.

My favorite part was moving the geofence around. At first, I started out with the entire SoHo neighborhood (that fit within their 5 million square foot radius limit). We decided to run our filter for the entire duration of the pop up, plus a few hours, which equaled out to be about 30 hours. This, of course, drove the price up higher.

We decided on a very, very small radius that cost less than $200, and would intersect both our office, and the pop-up shop. Less than 1 day later, we were approved and ready to launch.

The most disappointing part about the experiment: We had no idea what was happening. Snapchat only gives you metrics on how your filter is performing after it has ended. In addition, we were unable to see if anyone nearby was using the filter at all (aside from the Snaps we took), despite constantly checking the feeds from nearby stores, and the New York City Live Story, which is conveniently free of most neighborhood filters.

So what happened? An insanely low CPV. While usage was at about 100 users, (no, they weren’t all us. We only used the filter about 5 times), views on stories that featured our filter was over 3000, which put our our CPV at $0.05, and filter usage at $2.30. And our logo and company name were right on it. If your brand is after awareness, this viewership bid is pure 🔥

Here’s a look at the only metrics they show you. Lol.

Will we use it again? Absolutely. Knowing Snapchat, the metrics offered will remain a mystery unless you want to spend $50,000 on an ad in a Live Story, or $75,000 on a Snapchat lens, which targets demographics by stories they would watch, not by personal data. Usage and views, however, will continue to climb over time, and if you widen the filter grid on geofilters. Plus, if we had posted Snaps on our own account, they would’ve gotten zero views because no one follows us, so it’s a great way to get your name out there (and impress in-office clients) if you don’t have a following. While we couldn’t see exactly who was using our filter and what they were posting, the brand awareness and mystery we put on Black Ops and #WeAreEverywhere well worth the spend to reach this audience.

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